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40 square meters, consists of a modernly furnished living room connected with a kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, and a bathroom with a shower.

30 square meters, consisting of a modernly furnished living room with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony.

 41 square meters, consisting of a modernly furnished living room with a kitchen, a comfortable bedroom, and a bathroom with a shower.

Beachfront Apartments
and in the Old Town

Looking for the perfect seaside getaway? Discover our exclusive Beachfront and Old Town Apartments in Gdańsk! Located in the heart of the city, they offer a unique combination of urban lifestyle and relaxation by the sea.

Beachfront Apartments in Gdańsk
'Romeo and Juliet' – Your Perfect Baltic Sea Getaway

We invite you to discover the charm of the Romeo and Juliet Apartments, located in one of the most picturesque parts of Gdańsk – near Reagan Park and close to the golden beaches of Jelitkowo. Our apartments are the perfect place for those who want to combine seaside relaxation with the allure of green spaces.

Proximity to the Old Town – Culture and Entertainment

The location of our apartments allows for quick access to the Old Town in Gdańsk. Discover the historic streets, local restaurants, and rich history of this unique place. The Old Town offers countless attractions, from museums to theaters, perfect for those seeking culture and entertainment.

A unique location situated right next to Reagan Park – an oasis of greenery and tranquility.

This unique location, situated next to Reagan Park and the beautiful Jelitkowo beach, is an ideal spot for lovers of active leisure and families with children. Nearby is the largest playground in Gdańsk, providing little ones with a safe and attraction-filled space for play. The surrounding area invites family walks and bike rides, creating perfect conditions for enjoying time spent in nature.

We Invite You to Make a Reservation

Don’t wait any longer, book your stay at the Romeo and Juliet Apartments today and experience unforgettable moments by the sea, surrounded by beautiful nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Discover the perfect place for relaxation in Gdańsk – we are waiting for you!


The property stands out with its beautiful decor. The apartment’s location is very close to the beach in a quiet area.


Very friendly and helpful owners, excellent location, close to a large and beautiful park, wide beach. Full commercial and gastronomic infrastructure, everything is nearby. We were lucky with great weather, a superb stay even though it was short.


The apartment was very clean, fully equipped, with great contact with the owner. The apartment was furnished with towels and a set of cosmetics. There was a dishwasher and a complete set of dishes, as well as teas and, for those who like it, 3-in-1 coffee 😉 The host also took care of little sugar packets for the coffee.


Good location, cleanliness in the apartment, good contact with the owner. I recommend!

Discover the Charms of Gdańsk - A City Full of History, Culture, and Seaside Atmosphere

Gdańsk, the pearl of the Polish coast, invites you to discover its countless charms. This city, where history blends with modernity, and the seaside climate creates a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and exploration. Walking through the Old Town, you will encounter Long Market (Długi Targ) and the Golden Gate, testaments to the city’s rich history. The famous Neptune’s Fountain, which has become a symbol of Gdańsk, and the monumental St. Mary’s Church, one of the largest brick churches in Europe, are not to be missed.

Gdańsk’s coastal location makes it an ideal place for sea lovers. Sandy beaches, such as in Brzeźno or Jelitkowo, offer excellent conditions for sunbathing and strolls. For the more active, a wide range of water sports, from sailing to kitesurfing, provides plenty of excitement.

The cuisine of Gdańsk is a mix of maritime and regional influences. Local restaurants serve fresh fish and seafood, as well as traditional Kashubian dishes. Don’t forget to try local specialties, such as gingerbread or the golden liqueur Goldwasser. Gdańsk is a place that delights everyone who wants to experience rich history, culture, seaside relaxation, and exquisite cuisine. We invite you to discover this unique city!